2012 Priorities

Goal 1 – Community Partners

Initiative: Develop a partnership with all vested organizations

  • Continue to support the Coalition by identifying community stakeholders and resources to accomplish stated goals.

Initiative: Encourage collaboration between all parties

  •  Provide support to Goal Teams and celebrate successes.

Initiative: Identify funding and resources to support program solutions

  • Executive committee members determine resource allocation and in-kind support.
  • Seek grants that can be used to support plan activities.
  • Identify new financial resources through fundraising efforts.

Initiative: Proactively communicate with the community and media

  • Develop a Communication Plan.
  • Create marketing/promotional materials and give-aways.
  • Develop a Champaign Community Coalition website.
  • Create Youth and Family Resource Guide.

Goal 2 – Police-Community Relations

Initiative: Examine and improve Police Complaint process

  • On-going topic being discussed and addressed by the City Manager’s Office and City Council.
  • Police Department and Coalition will support direction provided by the City Manager’s Office and Council regarding changes to the Complaint Process.

Initiative: Develop programs to educate citizens on police policy and procedures

  • Implement Police 101 course that will provide scenario based training to citizens regarding policies and procedures.
  • Schedule annual “Law and You” presentations for Unit 4 students to ensure they know how to interact with police officers.
  • Use Cable Channel 5 (CGTV) to educate citizens on various topics regarding police interactions.

Initiative: Increase communication between police and community

  • In an effort to better inform the public of police activity, the department will utilize social media such as Facebook and Twitter. In addition, CGTV will be used to host on-going discussions related to police-community issues.

Goal 3 – Healthy Youth and Families

Initiative: Develop a comprehensive approach to address mental wellness

  • Develop effective mechanisms to educate and empower youth about mental wellness.

Initiative: Engage youth in physical fitness campaigns to encourage physical activity and exercise

  • Collaborate with existing campaigns that promote physical wellness.

Initiative: Promote Restorative Justice philosophies community-wide to assist youth and families that become involved with law enforcement

  • Identify Best Practice community models for implementation.
  • Identify key individuals and organizations to engage in Best Practice initiatives.
  • Provide community training on the role of trauma and the impact it has on youth, families and community.

Goal 4 – Youth Development

Initiative: Identify opportunities to involve a trusted adult in the life of each youth

  • Encourage Coalition members to sign up to serve as a mentor in Champaign Unit 4 Schools.
  • Connect with existing mentoring programs: C-U One-to-One, TALKS Mentoring, M3-Mentoring More Males and Big Brothers Big Sisters.
  • Target 100 new mentors in Unit 4 Schools during 2012-2013 school year.

Initiative: Prepare youth for employment and career opportunities

  • Continue planning for 2012 Summer Youth Employment Program.
  • Continue fundraising efforts.
  • Continue to monitor student performance via quarterly lunches at Central and Centennial High School.

Initiative: Offer youth safe, constructive, social and recreational opportunities

  • Continue to strengthen conversations and collaborations with area churches, Y.M.C.A., Park District and other organizations to ensure K-12 have access to activities throughout the community.