System of Care

Provide overall leadership
Set priorities (defines initiatives)
Determine resource allocation
Define membership
Monitor results

Staff Support Led by: City of Champaign

Assist with data collection and analysis.
Summarize meetings and develop draft communications.
Assist with monitoring of results.

Healthy Youth & Families

As a community, we utilize resources to develop and support initiatives that promote healthy lifestyles, positive decision making, and positive life outcomes.

  • Wellness Promotions
  • Caregiver Education & Supports

Community Justice

As a community, we utilize resources to develop and promote strategic methods of crime reduction and prevention, which builds or enhances partnerships within the community.

  • Juvenile Justice Enhancement
  • Police Community Relations

Youth Development

As a community, we utilize all available resources in an effort to ensure youth who are more likely to experience negative life outcomes develop to their fullest potential.

  • Educational Excellence
  • Community Asset Building
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Coalition Members

Provide data and resources to both identify needs and to address them
Serve on Sections
Identify and engage partner organizations/stakeholders
Assist with identification of needs
Provide resources/insights while serving on initiative teams
Assist with communication to communityStaff

Meet Coalition Members