Executive Committee

Tim Bartlett, Urbana Park District
Lynn Canfield, Champaign County Mental Health Board
Craig Stone, University of Illinois Police Department
Anthony Cobb, Champaign Police Department
Domonic Cobb, University of Illinois
Dorothy David, City of Champaign
Joe DeLuce, Champaign Park District
Joseph Gallo, Champaign Police Department
Sue Grey, United Way of Champaign County
Carol Mitten, City of Urbana
Bryant Seraphin, Urbana Police Department
Donald Owen, Urbana School District
Tracy Parsons, City of Champaign
Julie Pryde, Champaign Urbana Public Health District
Dr. Ramage, Parkland College
Julia Rietz, Champaign County State’s Attorney
Pius Weibel, Champaign County
Orlando Thomas, Champaign School District
Joan Walls, City of Champaign
Dan Walsh, Champaign County Sheriff’s Office
Robert Flider, University of Illinois
Susan Zola, Champaign School District
Dalitso Sulamoyo, Regional Planning Commission
David Northern, Housing Authority of Champaign County