May 10, 2017 All Goals Team Meeting Agenda

The Champaign Community Coalition agenda for the May 10, 2017 All Goals Team Meeting is now available online. This meeting will be held in the Robeson Robeson Pavilion, Rooms A&B of the Champaign Public Library, 200 W. Green Street in Champaign, at 3:30pm. The meeting is open to the public and participation is welcome and encouraged.


I. Welcome

Good News

II. Urbana Mayor Diane Marlin

III. Police/Community Relations

Police Chiefs Updates

IV. Coalition Priorities


V. Presentation: Community Plus Credit Union

VI. CU Fresh Start

CU Fresh Start Community Liaison Donté Lotts
CU Fresh Start Project Specialist Vivian Gray

VII. Information Sharing

Moms Demand Action

VIII. Adjourn